New generation ION BOILERS

Changes in energy prices, the emergence of new heating technologies, increased attention to the environmental housing is pushing people to seek alternative or complementary options for heating.

There is a stereo type that heating using electric energy - is "too expensive". To some extent this is acceptable, but with compulsory reservation: this view is true only for TEN boilers, which were used in the systems filled with ordinary water. Very quickly the surface of TEN (tubular heating element), absorbed heat-insulating crust of salt and efficiency of the boiler falls to 70% and below. That is, the energy spent inefficiently. In time TEN while overheated and quickly went out of order.

Such deficiencies have no heating systems with ion (electrode) boilers. Here there is no transmission link - TEN, system heating comes directly from the electrical characteristics of a special heat carrier, filled into the system. This heat carrier does not raid the salt, heat transfer surfaces are clean and the entire heating system is working well, so - and economically.

More than 10 years old practice of operation of heating systems with ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor in Latvia, Europe and Asia shows that the heated thus cheaper than oil-fired boilers or liquefied gas. Cheaper natural gas only from the "pipe" and a solid fuel (firewood, charcoal, etc.).

Given the low cost of the system with an ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor compared with alternatives, the use of such heaters, of course, is cost-effective and justified.

Among the advantages of ion heating boilers should be noted:

  • small size (for the installation of a boiler 1 square meter on the wall in any room),
  • silent operation,
  • the possibility of programming modes of operation at different times of day, which reduces costs for heating,
  • quick and easy installation of the ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor,
  • the absence of combustion and, consequently, a higher fire and explosion safety,
  • lack of demand for fuel,
  • the possibility of installing a new heating system at, and at a pre-existing,
  • the possibility of parallel connection with other heat boilers, solar systems and smart house solutions,
  • protection from freezing the system (ion boilers heat carrier are not frozen to -40°C),
  • environmental merit,
  • energy-saving automation of new generation,
  • class I electrical safety (certificate Nr. T25D07, T37D08) in accordance with European Union standards.
  • High COP (coefficient of performance) from 1.57 till 2.04, that means efficiency of ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor is from 157% till 204%!